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It is a teapot by Yoshikawa Setsudo, the first person of Tokoname Yaki Sugin.

50 years to keep making a teapotIt can be described as the ultimate teapot that combines the beauty of modeling and functional beauty

Those who are looking for the teapot that he created will not interfere with domestic overseas.

Now order for more than a year

You have to wait.

This work is a black teapot with a red mud, but the ratio and the lid dropped on the bottom.

It is finished with a small inlaw lid, polished the teapot and a gorgeous finish.


Size | φ8.5 × 6cm mouth | 3.5cm Toride | 5cm

Weight | 240g + parallel weight is measured by a guide about 250cc

Country of origin | Japan

Production area | Tokoname ware

Type | Pottery

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