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It is a gem of Shunen that uses a technique called "Otakashi" by carving bamboo on the second generation Shinenen.

Shunen is currently performing all of the series of teapots, such as the second generation rodros and carving, by hand. It has gained popularity, creating an original, elaborate teapot that cannot be imitated by others.

Shunen uses three soils and three soils, and gives their individuality.

In Tokoname -yaki before Shunen, molding and carving work by rokuro was divided, but Shunen was strongly influenced by Ushijima Ichigo, and it was a teapot that was not in Tokoname ware until then. You will decorate. It was because he succeeded his father, the first Shunenen, and explored a new style. Shunen seeks a further ultimate and challenge the technique of "watermark". By drilling holes in the torso of the teapot and holding different soils than the back side, it becomes a three -dimensional structure that cannot be done by normal carving.

Please use one of the most popular dishes in many Shunen works.

Pottery history

1950 Born in Tokoname City

1969 Received guidance to the first graduate of the Prefectural Tokonji High School Ceramics Department (Rokuro)

1974 Inherit the second generation Shunenen

Until now, it has been exhibited at many pottery exhibitions and contests such as "Pottery Biennale selection" and "World Tea Contest Award", and has received many awards and winning history.

Size | Sutsu φ8 φ8 × 8cm mouth | 3cm Toride | 4.5cm

Weight | 400g [wooden box] 260㏄ full water is measured by a guide

Country of origin | Japan

Production area | Tokoname ware

Type | Pottery

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