Koji Sutra teapot


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Tokoname -yaki craftsman Koji Iwase.

Kutani -yaki craftsmen draw a one -letter Hannya religion in Kinai in the teapot of silk red mud. It is the finest gem built in the collaboration of "Tokoname ware x Kutani ware".


Pottery history

1946 Born in Nishio City

1962 Entering Tokoname -yaki

1970-1971 Training in Kyoto

1975 Tokoname Art Exhibition Selection

1980 Independent pottery established

1994 Tokoname City Certified as a traditional artist

2008 National Traditional Industrial Contractor Awarded

2011 National Traditional Industrial Awarded Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

2014 and Koname -yaki -Kyo -colleagues withdrawal Tokoname -yaki Geijin Geijin

Chozo Prize Money Awards multiple times, many other awards

Koji Tabo Koji Iwase

5 Otai -duck duck in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture 5

Size | φ8.5 × 11cm mouth | 3cm handle | 5cm

Weight | 220g + wooden box 200g Weight is measured by a guide

Country of origin | Japan

Production area | Tokoname ware

Type | Pottery


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